For the Trip 8 team, trip leader Rich reported this morning: “Jack and Jim aren’t continuing with us. They are returning to the trailhead as we pack up this morning.”

Here is the afternoon update:

“Arrived at Jorn Lake camp2.

“All moving well. Exploring options around Marion Lake tomorrow.

“A little rain this morning; packed up wet. Forecast is good for the balance of the week.”

Trip 9 Update

For the Trip 9 team, trip leader Derek reports:

“Made it to camp. About 6.5 miles and up about 1,500 feet today. [We are] camped by Deep Lake below Cathedral Peak. Tomorrow another 1,500 feet up and over the pass.

“Sat for lunch and [support hiker] Seth got a bird to eat out of his hand, twice!!

“Camp is chalk full of mosquitoes.

“Idea of the day: Change the DNA of mosquitos to suck fat, not blood. Then, run around naked and lose weight in virtually minutes. I call it ‘Natural Liposuction.’

“BTW, we have photos to prove a bird ate out of Seth’s hand.”

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