For the Trip 8 team, trip leader Rich reports:

“We are day hiking today from Jorn Lake. Will stay at Jorn Lake one more night instead of packing everything down to Marion Lake and back up.

“ … Did a hike to Jenny Lake, which we now call mini Marion. Had our lunch and leisurely returned to Jorn Lake.

“Stopped at beautiful Blue Lake [photo above] for a swim before dropping the light day packs.

“With camp already set up, now we have time for a nap!

“Everyone doing well!”

Trip 9 Update

For the Trip 9 team, trip leader Derek reports:

“Today we cranked out 10 miles at blistering speed, 2-3 mph moving average. The team was on fire with 2,000+ feet gross elevation gain.

“Derek serenaded the crew with the ballads of Lynard Syknard to finish off the run. Everyone is hiking great. Today we found a telephone booth, but nobody had a quarter.

“We’re camped next to a cool stream and resting before setting up camp. The big stuff is behind us now. Just three days left and about 20 miles to go. Easy peazy for this elite unit.  We have Parkinson’s; it doesn’t have us!

“Oh, and George is going to cook mushrooms tonight — ones he harvested along the way.”

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