For the Trip 8 team, trip leader Rich reports:

“Headed south today, arriving at Duffy Lake, and a congenial large camp right off the trail.

“Short day. We are resting for a climb out of the lakes basin Friday towards our last camp.

“The general consensus is we would stay longer if we could, and a massage therapist would be very popular!”

Trip 9 Update

For the Trip 9 team, trip leader Derek reports:

“Announcement! George is still alive! Even after his second day of foraging mushrooms. And he hasn’t reported any pink elephants in camp, so we know they aren’t magic mushrooms.

“Today was quick: 6 miles, 2,000-foot gross gain up over a 5,900-foot pass. Left at 8 a.m., arrived at noon with several packs off breaks. Team is in great spirits and doing well.

“Today’s trail wisdom: You won’t have any cell phone reception out here but I promise you’ll have a better connection.”

Happy Anniversary!

The route the Trip 9 team is on is the reverse of the first PasstoPass hike in August 2016! [Photo above.] The first hike went from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass and helped inform the name PasstoPass.

See the Past Hikes page and scroll down to 2016 for a video and a few more photos.

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