For the Trip 8 team, trip leader Rich reports:

“We are now setting up camp at the little known Berley Lake (lower), which Bob pointed out, for our last night’s camp.

“All contented!”

Trip 9 Update

For the Trip 9 team, trip leader Derek reports:

“One more day to go! Did 7+ miles today and arrived at camp prior to noon. Ate lunch next to Mig Lake. [PD hiker] Hiro’s been our pace car and he keeps moving.

“Named after William Meyer, nationally recognized founder of PasstoPass, we finally saw a Meyer Billy Goat. Actually, we smelled the exotic goat first. They are known for their Meyer lemon body odor. A once in a lifetime experience!

“Team is in great spirits. Miraculously, after almost 60 miles, nobody has any blisters on their feet.”

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