For the Trip 8 team, trip leader Rich reports:

“The Trip 8 team is off the trail! Back to Santiam Pass to be greeted by Julia bringing a great lunch, and Matt who took charge of our six llamas.

“Our outing involved swims every day, relatively short distances between stops, and even some early huckleberries!

“Relaxing in camp afternoons allowed for a lot of conversations and even a Frisbee game!

“Friendships have grown, including bonding with our llama team mates! A reunion meeting will be scheduled for a couple weeks out and – who knows – next year!

Trip 9 Update

Trip 9 trip leader Derek reports:

“8 miles done by 11:30 a.m. Crew is headed for ice cream, then lunch.”

Trip 9 team at the end of their adventure
Trip 9 photo collage

Next up: Trip 6 begins July 31. The team assembles the evening of July 30.

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