Camping tonight at Lake Janus. The Washington Trail Association (WTA) says “A stroll north on the Pacific Crest Trail to tranquil Lake Janus and neighboring Grizzly Peak offers panoramas of the Central Cascades’ finest peaks and undulating meadows blanketed with wildflowers as far as the eye can see. ” The team looks forward to seeing the Supermoon up in the mountains.

Steve reports “Arrived after a rough day with llama drama but hunkering down for the night of the Supermoon! Camping at Lake Janus” Llama drama can mean many things, it is often not wanting to walk around boulders, cross a stream or go around a tree. It can also just be wanting to be the lead llama that day!

Charley’s llamas at home

Brian scouted the route in mid-July and made some changes because of the dry conditions. He scouted for campsites with shade, water and grass for the llamas. The team plans to spend a day at Lake Janus and day hike. His reports then was “Janus had lots of shady sites, a stock area and a backcountry toilet. Forage for the llamas was nearby if not in the stock area. We could stay two nights at Janus or, if the campsite is better, go back and spend a couple more nights at Valhalla

Brian reported this morning that they had some excitement last night when a 17 year old young woman arrived at their camp about 10 pm. She was lost. Brian was able to contact her family and friends and reassure everyone. Her friends arrived at 1 a.m. and she was safely returned to their adventure. It may be part of why the team did not start hiking until almost 11 am.

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