Brian captured Lichtenberg Peak on the first day of hiking

Rest day–“Laid low at Lake Janus- 4 hikers went on a 6 mile day hike to views of Glacier Peak. We turn around and head back to Valhalla Lake for tomorrow night”

Several trips have been enjoying a slower pace with planned rest times. It allows more time for sharing experiences and getting to know each other. Brian even brings a backpacking shower!

Glacier Peak Wilderness is a scenic portion of the Pacific Crest Trail. It is one of 5 volcanoes in Washington State according to Wikipedia and the most isolated peak. At one time, it was slated for open pit copper mining in the 1960’s in the meadows. Washington Trail Association (WTA) and other groups worked hard to protect the wilderness area.

This is a new trip for PasstoPass that Brian and Charley, our llama wrangler from Cle Elum arranged. Next year they may go to Tops Lake in the same general area.

Glacier Peak photo above from WikiMedia shared by Walter Siegmund  taken in 2003

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