Morning message from Trip 6 “Good morning! We’re loading up the llamas and expect to be on the trail by 9 am” then ” Passed Smithbrook Junction” Brian, trip leader reported “Got back at Valhalla Lake around 1:30ish. Everyone did great including the llamas! We won the weather lottery- just keeps getting better. We are looking forward to a chill evening and maybe a 9:30ish departure tomorrow morning.”

Surprisingly, Brian had some access to send a few pictures today, so they must be getting closer to civilization and Highway 2. This PCT sign indicates that they passed mile number 2000. There is about 2360 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. There is plenty of history and highlights to ponder if you read the Wikipedia article on the PCT. The Pacific Crest Trail Association supports the trail and hikers with trail work, volunteers, information and more. Each year we talk with their trail managers about trail conditions and especially logs across the trail. We are happy the log removal volunteers went from White Pass to Chinook Pass a couple of weeks ago. That should make it easier for the hikers and llamas for our next three hikes.

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