The Trip 6 team finished their hike by 1 p.m. this afternoon. Today they hiked from Lake Valhalla to the Stevens Pass Trailhead, the reverse of the first day of their hike.

Trip leader Brian reports: “In summary, I would say that after two days of madness, we got to enjoy three days of peaceful rest and hiking in some of the best weather, best scenery, and with the best people you could ask for. It is such a privilege to hike with the folks on our crew.”

Brian, and assistant trip leader Steve, delivered on perfect weather, minimal mosquitoes, beautiful views, and strong leadership. The team experienced the very special camaraderie PasstoPass hikes are known for — this happens when people who are often strangers yet have a common tie to Parkinson’s spend several days together on the trail.

The Trip 6 team also thanks llama wranglers Charley and Andrea, and “The Girls:” Llamas Kate, Josey, Dot, Mary, Emma, and Peggy.

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