The Trip 2 team left the White Pass trailhead today: Nine trekkers and trip leader Irene. Over six days, they will hike approximately 30 miles to the Chinook Pass trailhead.

Before departing, the team learned about handling and saddling the llamas. Hikers with Parkinson’s can put 25 pounds of gear on a llama. Support hikers carry their own gear. Each llama carries two panniers, or saddle bags, and they must be of equal weight. Each morning, the team will weigh the gear before loading the llamas.

The llamas also carry their own grain and community gear such as the first aid kit and group water filter.

Trip 2 team learning about llamas

Tonight the Trip 2 team is camping near Buesch Lake. In prior years, the mosquitoes have been bad in this area; we’ll have to get a report from the team on this year’s mosquito conditions.

Irene reports: “Accomplished 6 miles and no stings passing two wasp nests, unlike others. Despite rain and one fall into the muddy Buesch Lake, we ended the day with laughs and enjoyed each others’ company (so far!).”

The Trip 2 route is part of Section I of the Pacific Crest Trail, which includes hiking “through the lush hills and meadows of the William O. Douglass Wilderness,” according to Washington Trails Association.

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