Both groups of hikers experienced rain on Wednesday.

Trip 2 leader Irene reported: “Well, Garmin weather has been wrong every day, and it’s raining again. We’re all packed up and ready for an early start tomorrow. We love NutterButters!”

The Trip 2 team is spending their last night at Dewey Lake (photo above) before hiking their last three miles to the Chinook Pass Trailhead Thursday morning.

Trip 7 Update

Trip 7 leader Hiro reported Wednesday afternoon: “5.6 miles with gorgeous scenery. We started from Hart’s Pass Campground instead of Meadows Camp so that added an extra 1.6 miles. Rain started as soon as we arrived at today’s campsite. Tomorrow is a big day: 8.4 miles.”

The Trip 7 team’s itinerary calls for camping Wednesday night at Grasshopper Camp. says this area “offers some of the very best vistas of the northern Cascade Mountains.”

Grasshopper Pass. Photo courtesy of

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