Thursday was a busy day for PasstoPass hikers with activity for three teams.

The Trip 2 team concluded their adventure, hiking their last three miles and coming off the trail at the Chinook Pass Trailhead.

There they handed off the llamas and the community gear to the Trip 3 team, which hit the trail shortly after 1 p.m. The Trip 3 team will hike the reverse of the Trip 2 team’s route and will end their hike at the White Pass Trailhead.

Mid-afternoon, the Trip 3 team stopped for a break at Dewey Lake before continuing on to Anderson Lake, where they will camp Thursday night. Their first day of hiking covered 5.5 miles and included going up 919 feet and down 981 feet.

According to, a portion of the trail covered today “meanders through meadows of alpine wildflowers including bear grass, avalanche lily, yellow glacier lily, western pasque flower, and small-flowered paintbrush.”

Trip 3 assistant trip leader Eric reports, “Everyone did great.”

The day was not without excitement, however:

“Started out in white out conditions. Then the weather turned perfect. Had a llama incident crossing the bridge right after leaving Chinook Pass Trailhead. All the llamas got spooked by traffic passing under the bridge and bolted. The rope connecting llamas Warf and Faramir broke. The llamas ran across the bridge, dragging their handlers with them. All turned out OK, but it was concerning.”

In lighter news:

“Found and harvested a giant Bolitas mushroom. Probably 12 inches across and 10 inches high. Trying to figure out how to cook it.

“This is a good, cohesive group of hikers who are enjoying each other’s company.”

Trip 7 Update

For the Trip 7 team, trip leader Hiro reports:

“This morning it was very dramatic looking at mist floating across the ridges. Today was a long 9+ mile day with an endless series of switchbacks that dropped us down to a great camping site by the Methow River surrounded by huge trees. Everyone is doing well.”

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