Saturday was a successful day for the Trip 7 and Trip 3 teams.

For the Trip 7 team, trip leader Hiro reports:

“Another day with spectacular views as we hiked from one pass to another pass. In total, we hiked through four passes (Glacier Pass, Methow Pass, Granite Pass, and Cutthroat Pass) on this trip.

“Tired of carrying a heavy backpack? We saw a hiker with a cool-looking wheelbarrow like a unicycle to carry his gear.

“We will exit at the Rainy Pass Trailhead Sunday morning. Everyone is doing well.”

The Trip 7 team is coming off the trail a day earlier than planned.

Trip 3 Update

The Trip 3 team got on the trail around 9:45 a.m. with everyone in good spirits. They stopped for lunch at the Bumping River.

Shortly before 2 p.m., Trip 3 assistant leader Eric reported: “Llamas and humans have successfully waded across the Bumping River.”

The evening report included: “Arrived at Camp 3: Snow Lake. About 8 miles today, total up 1,160 feet, total down 1,450 feet. Another excellent day. A bit long.

“We’ve decided to spend a second night at our Snow Lake camp. All is well.”

The Trip 3 team is about 10 miles from their end point at the White Pass Trailhead, where they are scheduled to arrive Tuesday.

Llama lunch break near Bumping River. Photo from 2021 hike.

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