The Trip 7 team came off the trail Sunday morning at the Rainy Pass Trailhead and successfully completed their hike.

The Trip 3 team enjoyed a rest day at Snow Lake on Sunday. Assistant trip leader Eric reported:

“Spending a relaxing day at beautiful Snow Lake. Got up late. Lots of visiting, cribbage games, walking around the lake, and swimming. Weather is perfect.

“Naps were taken. The group tarp was put up by a group effort of doctoring, engineering, and project management. The tarp is excellent.

“Yesterday we finally ate the watermelon.”

It is a PasstoPass tradition that the llamas carry a watermelon.

Eric continued, “Sue spotted a humongous owl 15 feet overhead. One of the llamas made friends with a little brown bird.

“The entire team, working together, was unable to solve the New York Times crossword puzzle.

“Four people learned or relearned cribbage; Sue schooled all of them. In a grand championship cribbage game, doubles, Jerry and Eric embarrassed Sue and Amy.

“Moby required 20 retakes of her photo op in the lake.

“Moby introduced us to the crap strap. It was tested in the field. Look it up and add it to the group gear list.

“Phil beat Alex at chess, a come from behind win when Alex was up by 11 points. Then Jerry beat Phil at chess.

“We encountered mosquitoes today. Thankfully, Alex attracted most of them.

“We plan to get an early start Monday morning because of expected high temperatures.”

2020 hikers in Snow Lake

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