The update from Trip 3 assistant leader Eric at 7:45 a.m. Tuesday included:

“Another morning in paradise. Sand Lake is beautiful. Everyone is in good spirits. A morning chess tournament is in progress.

“Sue says we will all be blowing dusty snot for the next two weeks.

“Fred got stung by a bee. But, he’s tough and not showing any evidence of a sting.

“The afternoon rabbits unanimously voted Bonnie the quintessential grandmother.”

The Trip 3 team left Sand Lake at approximately 9:45 a.m. A couple hours into hiking their last few miles, Eric reported: “The group navigated safely around a yellowjackets’ nest, just off the trail, which we were forewarned of.”

The noon update announced the successful completion of Trip 3: “Arrived at White Pass Trailhead. An amazing backpacking experience with a wonderful group of compatible hikers.”

Tuesday’s stats: 2.68 miles. Cumulative up: 37 feet; cumulative down: 872 feet.

Trip 4 begins Wednesday. That team will hike from the White Pass Trailhead to the Chinook Pass Trailhead.

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