For the Trip 4 team, trip leader Dan reported Friday:

“Long day today but we made it to the campsite above Crag Lake! All are tired and healthy and happy.

“Still discussing American or Anderson Lake for tomorrow night’s campsite. Everyone crossed the Bumping River today without trouble. We shared the trail with a lovely 68-year-old woman hiking to Canada!

“Weather is bluebird perfect; off for a swim.”

Bumping River. 2019 photo

The team hiked nearly 7.5 miles Friday. They passed landmarks including Twin Sisters Trail, Jug Lake Trail, Pot Hole Trail, and the Bumping River.

Friday night’s campsite near Crag Lake is a beautiful meadow with plenty of room for tents and grazing for the llamas.

Scenery along the Trip 4 team’s Friday route. 2021 photo

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