The update from the Trip 1 team Wednesday morning was: “Marine mist this morning at Paradise. Expect it to burn off; everyone looking for stocking caps!”

This team’s itinerary for the day included breakfast at The National Park Inn followed by about a 20-minute drive to Paradise, the busiest area of Mt. Rainier National Park. Next: Hike to Mrytle Falls.

Collage of Trip 1 day 1 and day 2 photos

Trip leader Judi said of the hike: “This is an easy ascent on an asphalt trail. Bonus walk: If you want to hike further, we will divide into two groups. One group will return to the Paradise Visitor Center and the other will continue for another mile along the Vista Loop Trail.”

Late morning, the team was scheduled to hear a talk by a forest ranger and then enjoy a picnic lunch. After lunch, time was allotted for exploring the Paradise Visitor Center and visiting the beautiful Paradise Inn. The Visitor Center features a video presentation, gift shop, and coffee shop.

The drive back to The National Park Inn was to include stops at a few “must see” roadside attractions and short walks including Reflection Lake and Narada Falls.

Evening plans included dinner at The National Park Inn, a mindfulness walk, card games, hot chocolate, and socializing.

Trip 5 Update

The Trip 5 team started the Wednesday leg of their hike at about 9:30 a.m. They stopped for a long lunch at Bullion Basin Trail junction.

Assistant troop leader Eric reported early Wednesday afternoon: “Beautiful day. Perfect cool temperatures.”

Mid-afternoon, Eric reported: “Stopped at a nice area for a watermelon break. Met two families hiking together with kids and going our direction. The hiking party included the deputy national director for national parks covering Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We told him all about PasstoPass. He was very interested in our organization and asked if we received any grant money from the National Park Service.”

The team shared PasstoPass business cards and stickers.

The Trip 5 team shared PasstoPass stickers with young hikers.

The late afternoon update included: “At Piped Springs camp. Not our preferred area, but we will make do. For the day: 6.5+ miles; cumulative up: 1,600 feet: cumulative down: 885 feet; elevation: 6,213 feet.

“All hikers and llamas in good spirits. The second watermelon will soon be put in the spring to chill. At this elevation we expect a chilly evening; we have learned to adapt to cold nights.

“Today was a beautiful day of hiking along ridgelines with spectacular views in all directions.”

Wednesday’s landmarks included Bear Gap junction, Fog City Trail junction, Union Creek Trail junction, Bullion Basin Trail junction, and Basin Lake junction.

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