It’s time to share our stories with potential PD hikers. Word of mouth is a vital method to find other people with Parkinson’s that wish to hike with us and the llamas.

In July, 8 former and current PtP hikers went to the World Parkinson’s Coalition in Barcelona, Spain. A.C. got a poster session approved and we presented a poster there, see A. C. and Sarah below.

In September, Linda got a table at the Michael J. Fox Foundation’s presentation in Bellevue and Dave, George, and Hiro joined her to share information and some trip videos. We are planning to be at the YOPD APDA-NW Conference is Seattle in October too with Judi and Diane.

If you have a PD conference or presentation in your area, let us know and we will try to give you some material to help you tell others about PasstoPass.

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