We successfully completed our nine 2023 trips. See below for our exciting adventure opportunities. We’ve had a great time on the trails in 2023 and expect another season of epic hiking in 2024. You may indicate your interest on our Contact Page. Potential hikers are asked to complete an application packet that will be emailed to you. Past hikers will be notified in November and new contacts can apply by mid-November. The past few years, trips have filled up quickly.

If you are interested in our expanding regional Chapter Day Hikes please click here to visit.

Support hikers are expected to assist Parkies when needed. While Parkies should be fully capable of hiking on their own, PD carries with it a fair amount of uncertainty as to what debilitating motor symptoms and non-motor symptoms may crop up.  That is why we need the support hikers for carrying a little extra, hiking a bit further, setting up camp, filtering water, guiding people across difficult trail sections, etc.


For more information check out our FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions.


Hiking Difficulty Level
Trip 1 – DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND – Catalina Island Trans-Catalina Trail - February 26-29 - CA

   Trip Leader Derek Torry – 21-30 miles (1 layover day) no llama support

Hikers will start and finish at Two Harbors. Along the way you may experience sightings of some of the Island’s wildlife including bison, the Catalina Island fox, and bald eagles.  Personal expenses include per night camping fee and ferry ride.

Description: Hike from Two Harbors to Little Harbor on the road and camp at Little Harbor for 2 nights (about 7 miles one way).
Bring some fun food on this easy leg of the hike. Then we will hike the TransCatalina
trail back to Two Harbor (again about 7 miles).
Skill level: The TransCatalina trail is a difficult hike with steep climbs, loose trail and big drop offs. Experienced backpackers only, with appropriate gear and able to carry a full pack for up to 7+ miles with little to no problems. Feel free to bring a support hiker.


Trans Catalina Trail

Trans Catalina Trail Map

Trip 2 – GREEN DOT – Joshua Tree Day Hikes – March 4-6 - CA

Joshua Tree Day Hikes– Trip Leader Derek Torry–  day hikes 2-8 miles, no llamas

Car camp at Joshua Tree trailhead and day hike in a unique National Park. Fee for camping.

Description: Hike 2-4 miles on mostly flat trails composed of semi hard packed sand to soft sand. You must be able to carry at least 2 liters of water, snacks, meds and 10 essentials. Hikes are not mandatory; you may come just to camp and hang out with a bunch of Parkies.
Skill level: Beginner. For those who can walk up to 4 miles with no balance issues. Feel free to bring a family member or friend to experience the dayhikes with you


Trip 3 – DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND – John Muir Trail Section Hike - July 25-August 1 - CA

NO LLAMA SUPPORT– Trip Leader Derek Torry – 72 miles, no llama support. Details of proposed route coming soon!  Pending Permits.

  • Strong Hikers Only
  • Strenuous hiking in high elevations with full packs for all hikers


Trip 4 – GREEN DOT – Mt. Rainier Day Hikes – July 9-11 – WA

Mt. Rainier Day Hikes– Trip Leader Judi Spencer–  day hikes 1-4 miles, no llamas

PtP Reservations have been made for 10 rooms at Longmire National Park Inn Lodge for overnight stay in July. (Hikers pay for  2 overnights, breakfasts and dinners; lunches provided by PtP) –  Judi has arranged the reservations for rooms, please contact her for your room reservation


Day Hiking on Mt. Rainier

Trip 5 – BLUE SQUARE – Goat Rocks Wilderness, Berry Patch to Walupt Lake - August 12-17 – WA

Trip Leader Dan Lorenson – 21-30 miles (1 layover day) with llama support

Timeline and Profile


Trip 6 – BLUE SQUARE – Goat Rocks Wilderness, Walupt Lake to Berry Patch - August 18-23 – WA

Trip Leader Dave Baumgart – 21-30 miles (1 layover day) with llama support

Timeline and Profile –


Trip 7 – BLUE SQUARE + – White Pass to Chinook Pass, Northbound – July 31 - August 5 – WA
Trip 8 – BLUE SQUARE – Chinook Pass to White Pass, Southbound – August 5-10 – WA
Trip 9 – BLUE SQUARE + – White Pass to Chinook Pass, Northbound – August 11-16 – WA
Trip 10 – BLUE SQUARE – Chinook Pass to White Pass, Southbound – August 16-21 – WA
Trip 11 – BLACK DIAMOND – Rainy Pass/Stehekin/McAlester Pass Loop - August 8-13 – WA

Trip Leader Takahiro (HIRO) Shigemitsu – 21-30 miles (1 layover day) no llama support


Trip 12 – BLUE SQUARE – Santiam Pass loop via Marion Lake – August 19-24 – OR

Trip Leader Rich Denman — 28 miles with llama support

Timeline –
Trip Profile


+ (PLUS) means more – Most hikes start at 10 a.m. at the designated trailhead.

Green hiking difficulty

All mountain hiking includes rocky terrain, possible stream crossings, elevation gains and losses.

Blue square hiking difficulty

More  elevation gains overall and some steep or slippery portions of the trail along the way.

Black diamond hiking difficulty

Steep elevation gains with no easy place to stop; narrow trails with steep cliff edge, often more daily miles.

Double diamond hiking difficulty

 Longer hiking miles for these hikes, usually high elevations and very rocky terrain, full backpack is required.

You may indicate your interest on our Contact PagePotential hikers will be sent an application packet or contact Bill Meyer, passtopass.org@gmail.com or 509-991-1212. All 2024 applications go through Bill Meyer.

  • Llama Supported Hikes: Four llamas will carry approximately 25 lbs. for each Parkie hiker plus community gear.
  • Personal Gear: PD hikers hike with a smaller day pack, 10-18 lbs. including water. Support hikers carry a full pack of 25-40 lbs.
  • Community Gear: May include Roll-o chairs, eXped sleeping pads, fly tarp, fuel cartridges, comprehensive first aid kit, inReach Explorer, radios, maps, and water filter system.

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