Trip 5 Concludes; Trip 6 Underway; Good Day for Trip 3

The Trip 5 team came off the trail mid-morning. The Trip 5 and 6 hike leaders compared notes and transferred the community gear to the Trip 6 team. We’re working on collecting Trip 5 photos. Trip 6 leader Derek reports: “Short hike today to North Matthieu Lake. From repositioning cars to getting on trail, all…

Last Night for Trip 5 Team; Trip 3 Team on the Trail

Trip leader Rich reports the Trip 5 team is at North Matthieu Lake. “Rugged four miles today and lots of lava. I think we are about done!” Trip 3 team hits the trail Trip 3 is underway. This route for this hike is Walupt Lake to Berry Patch in the Goat Rocks area of the…

Trip 5 Team at Minnie Scott Spring; Trip 2 Complete

The report from the Trip 5 team is: “At Minnie Scott Spring. 3.4 hard miles up Opie Dildock Pass. Beautiful day. Cool breezes.” According to Minnie Scott Spring is a tiny spring north of Opie Dildock Pass. This is the only source of water on the Pacific Crest Trail between Glacier Creek and South Mattieu Lake….

Quick Update from Trip 5 and Trip 2 Teams

Trip leader Rich reports the Trip 5 team is at Glacier Creek in Obsidian. “7 miles today. Llamas are troopers. All is well.” The Trip 2 team reports: “We had a very wet day yesterday and last night. Rained all day and night! Team slept warm and dry though. Cold morning to pack up. Team…

Trip 5 Team Making Good Progress; Rainy Saturday for Trip 2 Team

The Trip 5 team has not provided details on their adventures. Trip leader Rich confirmed Saturday we can see their progress (Track the Hikers). At about 11:45 a.m. PT Sunday, Track the Hikers showed the Trip 5 team had been on the trail a little over two hours, was traveling at an average of 1.3…

Trip 2 Team Headed for Snow Lake

The Friday night update from the Trip 2 team included: The remaining five had a good hike to Bumping River. Saw four big garter snakes. Drizzle rain in the morning but the sun came out in the afternoon. Hoping for sun and a swim in Snow Lake. Everyone crossed Bumping River with ease. Llamas Faramir…

Trip 5 Underway; Trip 2 – Day 3

The Trip 5 team is on the trail. They assembled at their starting trailhead, received llama orientation, loaded their gear, and by late morning got off to begin their adventure. This team is hiking in Oregon, northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail in Three Sisters Wilderness from Devils Lake to Lava Camp, about 25 miles total….

Trip 2 on the Trail; Trip 5 Getting Ready to Go

The Trip 2 team is expected to spend their second night near Crag Lake. This campsite has a wonderful meadow for the llamas and plenty of water for everyone. We haven’t received a direct update from the Trip 2 team though we know that can be dependent on whether the technology gods are smiling. The…

Trip 1 Complete and Trip 2 Underway

Wednesday morning, the Trip 1 team got an early start. They made good time climbing their last approximately 800 feet of elevation and covering their last approximately three miles. They had a beautiful morning for hiking; beautiful views to close out the trip; and they arrived at Chinook Pass trailhead mid-morning, slightly ahead of schedule….

Trip 1 Enjoyed the Afternoon

“Just enjoyed a day hike and found elk trail and scat. Everyone is liking the lazy afternoon“ Evening message tells us that the Trip 1 group is relaxing and enjoying the place during the final full day.

Trip 1- Swimming and Almost Done

Trip 1 reports that they are swimming today as they stop at Dewey Lake. It is a beautiful day and everyone is fine. Tomorrow Trip 1 arrives at Chinook Pass and Trip 2 will begin their adventure Southbound to White Pass.

Trip 1 -Planning a rest at Crag Lake Camp

“We are planning a late start in the morning. Tent 3 above Crag Lake is a wonderful campsite and we plan to sleep in.” We heard from the hikers! They have been battling “bugs. ” The first lakes are known to be buggy and it seems to be that way this year. The pace is…