Pass to Pass Kick Off

It will be held at the Southbound Rainy Pass trail head at 9:00am August 26, 2017.  The team will be there organizing their equipment and making final packing decisions and preparations before they disappear down the trail on their southbound journey.  The media are invited to attend.

Finish Line Celebration

A finish celebration for friends and family will be at held at Suittle River trail head at 1:00 pm Sunday September 3, 2017.  This will be a potluck picnic as the hiking team emerges from the forest at the end of their 9 days.  The public and media are invited to attend.


Suiattle River Trailhead

Drive SR 530 north from Darrington or south from Rockport to the Suiattle River Road (Forest Road 26).  Turn east on Suiattle River road and drive  23 miles to the road’s end and the trailhead.


Press Releases

8/23/2017 2017passtopass-press-release

7/10/2016 – PasstoPass-Press release-1


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