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Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle bus that will take us from High Bridge to Stehekin and back to High Bridge runs 4 times a day.  Which one we take to Stehekin will depend on how far we have to hike that day and we don’t know that until we get our camping reservations the day before we start.  Here is the schedule for the 4 trips. Cost is $8.00.   Source of shuttle information.

  1. Trip 1  8:15 leave Stehekin, 9:15 arrive High Bridge, 10 am arrive Stehekin
  2. Trip 2  11:30 leave Stehekin, 12:30 arrive High Bridge, 1:30 arrive Stehekin
  3. Trip 3  2 pm leave Stehekin,  3 pm at High Bridge, and 3:45 arrive at Stehekin
  4. Trip 4  5:30 pm  leave Stehekin, 6:15 at High Bridge, 7 arrive at Stehekin


Trip Reports

Stehekin Food Drop

Linda Kisch will be the Stehekin food drop person. Hikers will drop whatever they want in Stehekin at the Rainy Pass trail head with Linda and she will make sure it gets to Stehekin when the hikers do.  More on this later…