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Our 2020 Teams


Support hiker , Trip Leader
Seattle, WA

David Baumgart has been hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing ever since a family outing to Colorado when he was 17. His favorite mountain is Mt. Rainier which he finally summited on his 5th attempt. David is a volunteer hiking leader for his church, his community, and the Northwest Parkinson’s Association. He always advises his hiking partners, Rule #1 is to stay within their safety comfort zone, and Rule #2 – have fun. His mantra is: “So Many Hikes, so little time.” David is a professional Sr. Project Manager, working for the City of Seattle. David’s wife, Ruth, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since 2016. They continue to enjoy hiking and backpacking – and their shared adventures as they explore our world. She agrees: their favorite hike is the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier.

Pete Beazley

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s Hiker

Decatur, GA


Mike Calbaum

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s Hiker            MikeCalbaumpic
Heartland, WI

I am a 57 year old engineering manager from Wisconsin which, of course, makes me a Green Bay Packers fan.  I have been married to my wife Laurie for 31 years. We have 3 children, a 16 year old daughter in her sophomore year of high school, a 25 year old daughter that graduates from veterinary school in May and a son that graduated from college last year and works for Kohl’s as a data analyst.

I have been on 6 or 7 short, 2 to 3 day backpacking trips in New Mexico, Utah and Michigan over the years but have never been on a hike as long as this one. I am really looking forward to it. This will be my longest backpacking trip in both days and miles. I like to keep busy playing golf, hiking, biking, hunting, kayaking and skiing or anything that involves being outdoors and active. I was diagnosed with PD in 2011 and I am scheduled for DBS a few months before the trip.

I look on every day as my personal battle with PD. I win every day that I do not let it define me or prevent me from doing the things that I love. I look forward to spending a week with other Parkies and seeing them win their personal battles.

Rich Denman

Living LARGE With Parkinson’s
Portland, OR

Scott Edson

Support Hiker

Hamilton , MT

Maria and Maddi Groen     maddie-maria

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s and Support Hiker

Seattle, WA and Bend, OR





Dianne S. HagedornDianne

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s
Tacoma, WA

In 2014, at age 42, my nearly six-year medical mystery was solved: young-onset Parkinson’s disease.

For me, diagnosis and appropriate medication and treatment meant I regained some physical function: I had gone from walking five miles a day to literally not being able to walk around the block. (You can read more about my Parkinson’s journey at https://www.davisphinneyfoundation.org/blog/my-long-journey-to-a-parkinsons-diagnosis/ and https://www.davisphinneyfoundation.org/blog/working-full-time-with-yopd/.)

About six months before my Parkinson’s diagnosis, I set a goal to walk a mile. I far exceeded that in 2019 with the Pass to Pass group.

To me, living large with Parkinson’s means doing as much as I can for as long as I can, including continuing in my career, spending quality time with family and friends, and taking on new challenges.

My childhood was filled with many hours outdoors trail riding on horseback with my 4-H club and Backcountry Horsemen. From those experiences I learned patience, perseverance and the importance of preparation. Those lessons continue to serve me well. I’m looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making new memories on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Ray Howry                               rayhowry

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s
Spokane, WA

My name is Ray Howry, I have had Parkinson’s since 10/31/2018 but I have had tremors over 20 years with the the help of my wife Kelly we deal with it. I do not let it stop me, I still ride my motorcycle and my AT, I hunt and fish with a friend of mine I am not giving up and I am looking forward to this hike and meeting new people .

Jerry Jones

Support Hiker
Portland, OR

Daniel KovachDaniel Kovach (2)

Support Hiker
Renton, WA

Hi, I’m originally from Cleveland Ohio, but have made the west my home for much of my life. I split time between Seattle and Salt Lake City, balancing work and family. I am an avid skier and mountain hiker, and look forward to my first multi-day backpacking adventure. I have also been a long-time PSIA ski instructor, teaching in Ohio, Vermont and Washington (with Outdoors-for-all, a wonderful organization). I have a personal relationship with Parkinson’s, having been a long-term caregiver in the past. The courage and grit exhibited by the Parkies I’ve crossed paths with over the years have been a constant source of inspiration. Looking forward to this next adventure! And GO BROWNS

Linda Lee


Support Hiker
Marysville, WA

My dad moved our family from Florida to Western Washington when I was 8 years old. I vividly remember my grandmother crying and my dad telling her we would give it a year and then move back. Well, my dad instantly fell in love with the mountains and the Puget Sound and needless to say we never moved back to Florida! I grew up backpacking and sailing with my dad.

I have a passion for backpacking and am committed to the benefits of exercise on the aging and disease process. My family has a history of Parkinson’s disease, so when I learned about PasstoPass, I was excited to become involved. I find so much inspiration in watching others push through challenges to continue to live a full and adventurous life. I want to live with that same strength, determination and vitality no matter what comes my way. I am looking forward to sharing the love of the mountains, the love of adventure and the love of a challenge with others on the PasstoPass hikes this summer!

Jeff Lemon

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s Hiker
Hastings, MI

I am soon to be 63 years old and diagnosed with PD since 2010. I had DBS in 2014 and recently had a rechargeable battery “installed”. Should be good for another 10 years I’m told.

A retired healthcare executive, I am married to my wonderfully supportive wife, Terrie, where we live in SW Michigan. Empty nesters for the most part, we have traveled extensively across the US and Europe. I may be slower than some, but I still get around! Hunting, camping, and travel have taken us to South Africa, Zambia, Montana , Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, Germany, Scotland and Ireland to name but a few…

Growing up I learned camping and backpacking in the Boy Scouts and we spent most summers in the wilderness hiking and climbing. Later, I attended a NOLS Alaska mountaineering course and I am still drawn to the mountains all these years later. I am looking forward to learning, contributing, and making a firm link to Parkinson’s and physical fitness through the great outdoors.

My support hiker, Dave Mercer has been a friend for almost 50 years and his willingness to undertake the trip is humbling to say the least. Especially given the fact that we have not seen each other in more than 30 years. Proof that you don’t combat the disease by yourself!

Brian  and Dan Lorenson

Trip Leader , Support Hikers,
Spokane, WA


I’ve been backpacking or climbing for most of my life and in 2016 I was inspired after seeing an interview with Bill about his deep brain stimulator (DBS) and hearing about the inaugural Pass to Pass event. After meeting the group at the kickoff for Pass to Pass 2016, I’ve become more involved in the Pass to Pass effort. The 2017, 2018 and 2019 hikes have been some of the most rewarding time I’ve ever spent and I’m looking forward to the 2020 hikes and seeing my pals, the Llamas!


Eric Matson

Support Hiker

Bellevue, WA


Dave Mercermercer

Support Hiker
Broussard, LA

I met Jeff  Lemon in High School Band, but we soon found common interests in camping, rock climbing and other outdoor pursuits mostly through Explorer Scouts led by Larry Sickman.

Jeff entered the Navy, I finished up studying geology, and we mostly lost track of one another.  I maintained connection to the outdoors, with my wife Vicky, through hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, and sailing.  We’ve enjoyed sharing these with our kids and grandkids.

Jeff and I reconnected through Facebook and before you knew it we were planning this new adventure together.  Vicky said “you are definitely going!”  Life is Very Good.


Bill Meyer

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s – Logistics & Support IMG_2170
Spokane, WA

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009 at age 57 and had DBS (deep brain stimulation) in 2015. DBS has controlled 90% of my tremors and reduced my medications by half. I have always been active in the outdoors enjoying hiking, rafting, skiing and fishing. I’ve logged over 1000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and rafted many rivers in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and Alaska. My wife, Nadean, two children, three grandsons and my Pedaling for Parkinson’s coach all remind me to keep moving and enjoy life with a positive attitude.

Dan ObenchainDan Obenchain (2)

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s
Spokane Valley, WA

I taught Engineering and Architecture classes at University High School for 27 years and retired in June, 2018 after 38 years in public education. I was diagnosed with PD in March, 2017.
I married my wife, Maria, in 1984 and we have 2 adult daughters, Rachel and Alexis. I enjoy woodworking and staying active. After Maria retired, she joined me in the Pedaling for Parkinson’s program at the Spokane Central YMCA. Thanks to Serena, Jessica, and Victoria; our instructors for motivating us to stay active and exercise.

Takahiro Shigemitsu

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s
Bellevue, WA

I am 48 years old and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2018 at age 45.
I have a wife and 2 children and they are my primary motivation to become more active and fight this disease.
Outside of work, I enjoy boxing class for PD, hiking trails, and learning to play golf. 2019 was the first pass2pass hike I joined and it was spectacular!! I am very fortunate and thrilled to join this hiking group again this year to raise awareness of PD in the community. I am grateful of all PD community’s support through various support groups and event.

Judy Spencer  spencer

Support Hiker
East Graham, WA







Liz Stadler

Support Hiker

Sparrow Point, MD

Derek Torry and Seth Torry

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s Hiker, Trip Leader
Support Hiker
Upland, CA

Derek and Seth
Derek and Seth

Diagnosed 6 years ago at 40, I have Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Like many of my fellow hikers, PD has pushed me to be more active than before my diagnosis. I’m an optimist who is eager to do all I can to make a cure for PD a reality and encourage other Parkies as they live life with PD. I’m on the board of the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center and Drive Toward a Cure. I volunteer as the Assistant Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout Troop. This troop backpacks over 100 miles a year, we’re on the trail almost every month…and I’m usually on every trip, bagging another peak with the troop.

And I always backpack with my son, Seth. This makes him a natural fit on the team this year as a support hiker. In the last 3 years he and I have logged over 75 nights on the trail and over 300 miles. Seth holds the rank of Second Class scout and may be First Class by the start of this year’s trip.

We enjoy trailer camping and fishing too. I’m married to an awesome wife and we have a beautiful daughter who is 16.

My trail name is The Hulk, not just because of my massive muscular body (haha), but because I’m usually wearing a green shirt on the trail.

Georgy  and Vladimir Trifonov

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s Hiker
Redmond, WA


I am 41 years old living in Redmond, Washington. Have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s at age of 38 . I have a wife and 3 sons, 1 daughter and family is my main motivation to keep moving and fight Parkinson. I enjoy doing non contact boxing classes, playing ice hockey, hiking, biking  to keep dopamine flowing. I am very fortunate to discover and participate in 2018 and 2019 summer hike with P2P and looking forward to upcoming 2020 hike with my son. My main goal from hiking with P2P is to raise awareness that Parkinson’s affect all age groups and show that staying physically and socially active as much important as your meds.



Trail Angels


Dr. Jason Aldred – Spokane, Washington

Molly & Jamie Anderson – Aberdeen, Washington

Jo Ann Fjellman & Cal Severns – Juanita, Washington

Frank Hagen– Issaquah, WA

Esther Hammerschlag and Brian Lance– Winthrop, WA

Patty Harrold & Sally Friedman – Seattle, Washington

Pete Hendrickson – Bellevue, Washington

Kim Hood – Seattle, Washington

Brian Hyde – Colorado

Wes Isenhart – Black Hawk, Colorado

Dave & Jeanne Jarnes – Spokane, Washington

Mike & Mary Kimmich – Bellingham, WA

Ken Kisch – Sammamish, WA

Carrie Lorenson – Spokane, Washington

Cathy Mayhew – British Columbia

Jeff & Mindee Meyer – Bellevue, Washington

Kathie Meyer – Burlington, Washington

Nadean Meyer – Spokane, Washington

Paul Norris & Sue Radtke – Bayfield, Wisconsin

Steve Peters– Colorado Springs, CO

Teri Pieper– Winthrop, WA

Julie Slater – Denver, Colorado

Mary Verbeck– Bend, OR

Margie & Fritz Willits – Bellingham, Washington

 A. C.  & Pamela Woolnough– Sandpoint, Idaho

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