PassToPass board members

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s – Logistics & Support
Spokane, WA

Co-Founder and Treasurer – Bill Meyer

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2009 at age 57 and had DBS (deep brain
stimulation) in 2015. DBS has controlled 90% of my tremors and reduced my
medications by half. I have always been active in the outdoors enjoying hiking, rafting,
skiing and fishing. I’ve logged over 1000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail and rafted many
rivers in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado and Alaska. My wife, Nadean, two children, three grandsons and my
Pedaling for Parkinson’s coach all remind me to keep moving and enjoy life with a positive attitude.

Brian Lorenson
Brian Lorenson

Logistics & Support
Spokane, WA

President – Brian Lorenson

A lifelong hiker and Spokane native, I was inspired after seeing an interview with Bill about
his deep brain stimulator (DBS). Since meeting this group at the inaugural event for Pass
to Pass in 2016, I started researching and gearing up for ultra-light backpacking.
Combining these two events brought me back to Bill to see how I could help out in 2017.
Participating and leading Pass to Pass trips over the subsequent years have been
highlights of my summers.

Derek Torry

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s Hiker
Upland, CA

Vice President – Derek Torry

Diagnosed at 40, I have Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Like many of my fellow hikers,
PD has pushed me to be more active than before my diagnosis. I’m an optimist who is
eager to do all I can to make a cure for PD a reality and encourage other Parkies as they
live life with PD. I’m on the board of the Just Us 4 Youth and Drive Toward a Cure. I
volunteer as the Assistant Scoutmaster for my son’s Boy Scout Troop. This troop
backpacks over 100 miles a year, we’re on the trail almost every month…and I’m usually
on every trip, bagging another peak with the troop. And I always backpack with my son, Seth. This makes him a
natural fit on the team this year as a support hiker. In the last 3 years he and I have logged over 75 nights on the
trail and over 300 miles. Seth holds the rank of Second Class scout and may be First Class by the start of this year’s
trip.We enjoy trailer camping and fishing too. I’m married to an awesome wife and we have a beautiful daughter
who is 16.


Living LARGE with Parkinson’s
Tacoma, WA

Vice President – Diane Hagedorn

In 2014, at age 42, my nearly six-year medical mystery was solved: young-onset
Parkinson’s disease. For me, diagnosis and appropriate medication and treatment meant
I regained some physical function: I had gone from walking five miles a day to literally not
being able to walk around the block. About six months before my Parkinson’s diagnosis, I
set a goal to walk a mile. I far exceeded that in 2019 with the Pass to Pass group. To me,
living large with Parkinson’s means doing as much as I can for as long as I can, including continuing in my career,
spending quality time with family and friends, and taking on new challenges.My childhood was filled with many
hours outdoors trail riding on horseback with my 4-H club and Backcountry Horsemen. From those experiences I
learned patience, perseverance and the importance of preparation. Those lessons continue to serve me well. I’m
looking forward to seeing familiar faces and making new memories on the Pacific Crest Trail.

You can read more about my Parkinson’s journey at
to-a-parkinsons-diagnosis/ and President – Dianeking-full-time-with-yopd/.

Linda Lee
Linda Lee

Trip Leader/Support Hiker
Marysville, WA

Secretary – Linda Lee

My dad moved our family from Florida to Western Washington when I was 8 years old. I
vividly remember my grandmother crying and my dad telling her we would give it a year
and then move back. Well, my dad instantly fell in love with the mountains and the Puget
Sound and needless to say we never moved back to Florida! I grew up backpacking and
sailing with my dad. I have a passion for backpacking and am committed to the benefits of exercise on the aging
and disease process. My family has a history of Parkinson’s disease, so when I learned about PasstoPass, I was
excited to become involved. I find so much inspiration in watching others push through challenges to continue to
live a full and adventurous life. I want to live with that same strength, determination and vitality no matter what
comes my way. I am looking forward to sharing the love of the mountains, the love of adventure and the love of a
challenge with others on the PasstoPass hikes this summer!