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2016- Spring 2022

March 22, 2022 NW Parkinson’s Foundation Feature group in weekly update for MOVE nwpf-move-feature3-22Download

February 2022 Davis-Phinney News and Inspiration “Pass to Pass Hikes Connect the Wilderness, Llamas with People with Parkinson’s”

Bill Clugston ” Dancing with Llamas” NW Parkinson’s Foundation blog post 10-27-21

Travis Robinson and Judy Yarnas interview Bill Meyer and Derek Torry for a July 2021 episode of “I’m Not Dead Yet” podcast

 Takahiro Shigemitsu First Place Photo (Trail Family) and March 2021 calendar page of Washington Trail Association

Trail Family WTA first Place 2020

Laura Gould Kennedy “Lay down the backpack” Parkinson Pathfinder Winter 2020 p. 2-3

Dr. Joe Quinn in OHSC Parkinson Center Parkinson Update Summer 2020 vFNL2

Woolnough, A. C. “My PCT trips with Pass to Pass for Parkinson’s” PCT Communicator Summer 2020 pp. 16-19  (linked by permission of PCTA)-PCTSummer2020

A.C. Woolnough in APDA Pathfinder Summer 2020 issue article starts page 16

Our 2019 Trip Hike photo in PCTA Calendar for 2020– taken by a fellow hiker- #27

Spring 2020 Outdoor Evolution Blog post by A.C.

Laura Kennedy Gould 2019 Magic Trick blog

A.C. Woolnough NW Parkinson’s Foundation November 2018 Blog

Brian Lance article Methow News 2018

A.C. Woolnaugh  Bonner Bee Sandpoint, ID newspaper article 2018

Jo Ann Feldman King 5 Interview 2017

World Parkinson’s Conference September 2016 Portland Oregon, Poster

Laura Kennedy Gould “Magic Trick Parkinson’s Blog” August 2016

Drawing attention to Parkinson’s Disease on the PCT” by Mark Waters. 2016 PCT Blog

From Pass to Pass: Parkinson’s Hikers Complete Nine-Day Adventure” by Seth Manthey. 2016 MJFox Blog

King5 News Story 2016 Eric Wilkerson July 2016 practice hike

King5 News Story 2016 Sula Kim August 2016 end of first hike

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