Pass to Pass – Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail for Parkinson’s

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Summer Hikes 2022 are complete.

We will be recruiting Hikers with Parkinson’s and Support Hikers for Summer 2023 (you can send contact us forms at any time) in October after our review of this year’s hikes and plans for 2023.

Summer 2022 hikes had 40 Parkinson’s hikers and 45 support hikers from 13 different states. They hiked a cumulative total of approximately 2,188 miles.

  • Donations pay for the llamas and most hike expenses; there is no registration fee.
  • Participants are expected to supply their own gear and food.
  • Transportation help can be provided to trailheads from Sea-Tac or Portland airports for out-of-state hikers who are flying in.
  • PD hikers do not need a support hiker, however, if you wish we can match you with one of our volunteer support hikers.
  • For more information, contact us.

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2022 Trip Details

Trip 1  GREEN DOT – least difficult – July 12-14   WA Mt. Rainier area Day Hikes-no llamas

 Mike & Sue Smith Video Compilation 6:21 minutes

Trip 2 BLUE SQUARE – moderately difficult – July 18-23 WA Chinook Pass to White Pass

Trip 3 BLUE SQUARE – moderately difficult – July 28-August 2 WA Chinook Pass to Government Meadows

Trip 4 BLUE SQUARE +- moderately difficult – July 30-August 4  WA  White Pass to Chinook Pass

Trip 5 BLUE SQUARE – moderately difficult – August 4-9 WA Chinook Pass to White Pass

Trip 6  BLACK DIAMOND – difficult – August 10-16 WA White Pass to Walupt Lake

Trip 7  BLUE SQUARE – moderately difficult – August 16-21  WA Walupt Lake to Berry Patch

Trip 8  DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND – most difficult – July 26-August 5 CA John Muir Trail  – invitation only

Testimonials and Stories History

In  early 2016, Bill Meyer met with Ken Kisch to discuss how to make it easier for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) to backpack. We decided to use pack animals to carry some of the gear and have support hikers to help as needed. We knew we would need sponsors and donors to fulfill our mission and keep it affordable.

  • The first year (2016) our hike was from Stevens Pass to Snoqualmie Pass with pack train, wranglers and horses.
  • The second year (2017) we hiked from Rainy Pass to Suiattle River trailhead with llamas and the llamas were more flexible and still carried enough weight to ease the packs of the people with PD.
  • The third year (2018), we did two hikes: Harts Pass to Rainy Pass and Rainy Pass loop through Stehekin and Rainbow Pass.
  • The fourth year (2019) we had a spring trip at Joshua Tree National Park and three relay hikes from Chinook Pass southbound, 124 miles through Goat Rocks.
  • Year 5 (2020) had three loop hikes from Chinook Pass to White Pass then back to Chinook then back to White for a total of 90 miles.
  • Year 6 (2021) we expanded our offerings, organizing seven hikes on four trails in three states.


  • Raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease and its symptoms
  • Demonstrate the benefits of exercise in managing the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Provide opportunities for people with Parkinson’s’ Disease to participate in backcountry activities