Pass to Pass is an all-volunteer run non-profit charity. We rely on the generosity of people across the country that donate their time and energy to make our trips happen. From Board Members to Trail Angels, from Trip Leaders to technical support, our staff of volunteers is working hard to make Pass to Pass trips successful. 

If you would like to join our team in any capacity, please reach out to us via our contact page.  

Boots On The Ground

If you are an experienced backpacker, physically fit, and would like to learn more about Trip Leader, Assistant Trip Leader, or Support Hiker opportunities please contact us for details. Our leaders are responsible for organizing their team, coordinating team transportation, and confirming hikers fitness and backpacking Knowledge prior to hitting the trail. Once on the trail a Trip Leader will be our point of contact for the entire trip and will see to the well being of the team. And that includes the llamas! A Team Leader is required to have served as an Assistant Trip Leader on at least one Pass to Pass trip. Assistant Trip Leaders will  back up the Trip Leader in all tasks and should be prepared to lead the team if necessary. Support Hikers are usually associated (friend or family) with a PD Hiker, but not always.


Volunteers - PtP

Help Publicize PasstoPass by Sharing Your Stories and Photos

There are regular photo contests to submit your photos

Washington Trail Assoc. (WTA) Calendar Contest 

Annual contest  mid August to mid-October 

Pacific Crest Trail Assoc. Photo Contest

Annual Contest October through February


American Parkinson’s Disease Assoc. ( APDA) Look Closer Story

Recreation.gov- Share Your Story


Behind The Scenes

If you have expertise that you feel could be helpful to us, please let us know. Whether it’s Website maintenance, Social Media support, Promotions, Fundraising, or Shuttle Driving chances are we can use your help. 

More Volunteer Needs - P2P

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