Past and current hikers often share their experience with their local media. There are blog entries in their regional Parkinson’s organizations and articles in local newspapers. We also have stories in backpacking blogs and magazines. We welcome your interest and can connect you with hikers to interview.

More News Stories from 2016-Spring 2022



Interview of PasstoPass panel of hikers, YouTube video and access to possible travel funds– all from Davis-Phinney Foundation

 Melani Dizon, Director of Education & Content interviewed a panel of PasstoPass hikers (Linda, Derek, Bill, Sarah and Tamara). Read the full interview article here. She also compiled a YouTube video of our hikes.


Daughter interviews hiker Hiro

Hanna Shigemitsu interviewed her father, Takahiro (Hiro) for the APDA NW magazine. Hiro shared his approach to staying healthy and active including hiking with PasstoPass every summer since 2019.

December 2022 issue pages 4-5 Parkinson’s Pathfinder

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Newsletter Parkinson’s Center


Paula Flanders, a PD hiker on Trip 4 2022 hiked from White Pass to Chinook Pass in Washington State. She wrote about her experience for her regional PD center newsletter.

Pass to Pass with  Parkinson’s  September 2022


NW Parkinson’s Foundation Blog

Irene Pasternack 2022 trip leader of Trip 4 and also Trip 5 wrote about the hiking from White Pass to Chinook Pass and near Chinook Pass in Washington State. She included a photo of one llama taking a “dust bath.”  Weekly August 2022

Judi Spencer 2022 trip leader of Trip 1 led day hikes around Mt. Rainier and she shared the experience of this first year of PasstoPass offering day hikes with overnight stay in the historic Longmire Lodge.  Weekly 7-19-22

Good RX Story

Living with Parkinson’s: A Quest to Make Hiking Accessible

by Clare Hennig  April 1, 2022

Bill Meyer, founder of PasstoPass is interviewed about the organization and his personal PD journey as he continues to enjoy the mountains and the outdoors.

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