Following you’ll find summary wrap-ups of our hikes over the years. You can find more details of the hikes on our blog, too. Click on the “+” to expand each year and the summary for each. Click on each photo in the photo galleries to view a larger picture. Also, click on additional pages of photo galleries to view more photos for each year.
We successfully completed eight trips in 2022 on  trails in Washington and California with hikers from 13 states. Congratulations to all our hikers! Our biggest and most challenging year yet!

  • 40 “Parkies” (people with Parkinson’s)
  • 45 support hikers
  • 2188 miles

9 llamas and one Charley (Llama Wrangler Extraordinaire)

Trip Recaps

See the blog for day-to-day reports from the 2022 hikes and a big thank you to our many supporters.


  • 2022 Trip 1 Mount Rainier Day Hikes – Trip Leader Judi Spencer. 19 Hikers experienced the majesty of Mt. Rainier National Park during several day hikes over two days.
  • 2022 Trip 2 Chinook Pass to White Pass (Southbound PCT) – Trip Leader Rich Denman. Because of massive blow-downs blocking the trail in Oregon, this hike was moved to the trail in Washington. Heavy snowpack and rebellious llamas made this trip a challenging one.
  • 2022 Trip 3 Chinook Pass to Government Meadows  (Northbound PCT)  Trip Leader Brian Lorenson. New terrain for PasstoPass and a new group of llamas made this a memorable trip. Thanks Charley!
  • 2022 Trip 4 White Pass to  Chinook Pass (Northbound PCT) Trip Leader Irene Pasternak. High heat and lots of snowmelt eased the difficulty on this trail compared to Trip 2.
  • 2022 Trip 5 Chinook Pass to White Pass (Southbound PCT) – Trip Leader Irene Pasternak. Irene leads an in and out to Chinook Pass with one hiking testing for Covid on day 2. the hikers enjoyed day hikes including a new view of Dewey Lake.
  • 2022 Trip 6 White Pass to Walupt Lake via Goat Rocks (Southbound PCT) – Trip Leader Derek Torry. More effects from our wet early summer! The crew was turned back by a treacherous snowfield on Old Snowy Mountain. They spent an extra night at the beautiful high camp north of the Knife Edge before heading back to White Pass.
  • 2022 Trip 7 Walupt Lake to Berry Patch – Trip Leader Dave Baumgart. A beautiful hike in the Cispus basin area of the Goat Rocks wilderness.
  • 2022 Trip 8 John Muir Trail – Trip Leader Derek Torry. Another terrific adventure in the California Sierras.
We successfully completed seven 2021 hikes on four trails in three states. Congratulations to all our hikers! As this year’s T-shirts say:

  • 27 “Parkies” (people with Parkinson’s)
  • 32 support hikers
  • 1,937 miles

… with 10 loveable but sometimes cranky llamas

Trip Recaps

See the blog for day-to-day reports from the 2021 hikes and a big thank you to our many supporters. Also:

  • 2021 Trip 7 compilation video (John Muir Trail section hike in California): Hike for Elite Hikers in High Sierras video compiled by support hiker Eric Matson (23 minutes, MP4 – H.264 format, file size 2.51GB)
  • 2021 Trip 1 compilation video (White Pass to Chinook Pass in Washington) compiled by support hiker Eric Matson (27 minutes, MP4 – H.264 format)
  • Washington Trip #1 White Pass to Chinook Pass (Northbound PCT) July 30-August 4, 2021-difficulty rating moderate, 30 miles Trip Leader Dave Baumgart
  • Washington Trip #2 Chinook Pass to White Pass (Southbound PCT) August 4-9, 2021-difficulty rating moderate, a little less elevation gain than trip #1, 30 miles Trip Leader Linda Lee
  • Washington Trip #3 Goat Rocks, Berry Patch to Walupt Lake August 10-15, 2021-difficuly rating moderate plus, 25-32 miles with options Trip Leader Linda Lee
  • Washington Trip #4 Walupt Lake to Berry Patch August 15-20, 2021-difficulty rating moderate plus, 25-32 miles with options, Trip Leader George Trifonov
  • Oregon Trip #5 Three Sisters Wilderness Devils Lake to Lava Camp (Northbound PCT ) August 6-11, 2021-difficulty rating easy, 25 miles Trip Leaders Rich Denman, Julia Chapman, and Jerry Jones
  • Oregon Trip #6 Three Sisters Wilderness Lava Camp to Devils Lake (Southbound PCT) August 11-16, 2021-difficulty rating easy, 25 miles Trip Leader Derek Torry
  • California Trip #7 A section depending upon permits of John Muir Trail-Horsehoe Meadow to Onion Valley Trailhead, July 6-14, 2021, most difficult, 51 miles, full packs, not llama supported, Trip Leader Derek Torry
Three hikes took place in August 2020. We looped from Chinook Pass to White Pass (Team 1) White Pass to Chinook Pass (Team #2) and Chinook Pass to White Pass (Team #3) for a total of 90 miles.

Here is a compilation MP4 video by Eric Matson of Hike #2.

  • 12 Parkies participated in the hikes with 4 llamas and a total of 15 support hikers. Several support hikers are now qualified to be future trip leaders- llama certified!
  • 152 Blog followers with page views of 30-55 daily
  • 1093 total visitors to the website from July 25-August 21 average views of 3 pages

It was a different year with COVID-19, and we established protocols for participation, hand washing, separation on trail and camp, and temperature checks and masks. Fortunately the trail was much emptier than usual, so that helped.

The 2019 event was three back to back hikes in the Washington Southern Cascades from Chinook Pass southbound to White Pass (Hike 1), through the Goat Rocks to Potato Hill (Hike 2) and on through the Indian Heaven Wilderness to Forest Road 60 (Hike 3).
The 2018 hike was two back to back hikes August 13-17 , Hart’s Pass to Rainy Pass and August 18-26, Rainy Pass to Suiattle River.

Trip 1 was beautiful in spite of a smoky start. The first camp was among the trees surrounding a beautiful alpine meadow that included a nice seasonal stream.

The next day we dropped 2000′ to a camp on the banks of the Methow River. Then it was back up to Methow Pass to camp below the icy Snow Lakes where some of the team had a swim.

Our last camp was made in the trees on the slopes above Porcupine Creek, just a few miles from our destination of Rainy Pass.

Trip 2 began at Rainy Pass with a celebratory lunch with the folks from Trip 1 and a reunion between Derek and his pals, the Llamas.

Friday night’s camp was just down the path from the PCTA Bridge Replacement Project and Bill was kind enough to show us the progress. The next morning it was time to hit the trail in earnest and that night’s stop was at the South Fork Campground on the way to Stehekin.

Sunday we camped at the Bridge Creek Campground made famous by the attack on the Professor (aka AC Woolnough) by several angry hornets during the 2017 trip. No stings this year.

Monday we arrived at the highly anticipated Stehekin Valley Ranch where the team rested for a couple of days, was re-supplied by Trail Angel Extraordinare Carrie, and bid Baguette (aka Brian) goodbye. Time was spent planning an alternate route made necessary by a fire on the trail to Suiattle Pass and Wednesday the crew headed up the Rainbow Creek trail.

Thursday’s camp was made by the beautiful Rainbow Meadows where the smoke cleared and then it was back down to rejoin the PCT at the familiar South Fork Campground. Their last night on the trip was spent in the campground just shy of Rainy Pass.

Rainy Pass to Suiattle River Trail on the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington state. 8/26/2017 to 9/3/2017. 58 miles. More on our blog and our GPS track.

The Hike Team; Ken, Bill, Frank, Derek, AC, Brian, Sam

The 2016 PassToPass event went from Steven’s Pass to Snoqualmie Pass – a nine day journey on foot that was exhilarating for some and heartbreak for others. Here are a few pictures of the event.  Read what was reported on our live blog.

Ken Kisch made a short video below of the last day coming from the catwalk to Snoqualmie Pass.

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