Jo Ann Fjellman – July 22, 2016

It is not every day that a group of dedicated folks drive from different parts of Washingtonkak630019_0525 State to gather at a trail head to be video-taped by a local TV station, King 5 news (view the news clip here). Exciting stuff and as much as we all enjoy hiking, the reason for the gathering had a much deeper sense of purpose. This was the first time that the passtopass team of hikers, PD and support folks, had a chance to come together for a training hike.  We also discuss many logistical concerns and most importantly we continue to build momentum towards our common goal for the hike of raising awareness and funding support for Parkinson’s research and cure.

Leaving the Seattle area in a driving rain to hike in the sunny skies on Blewett pass would have been a joyful reward enough, but meeting the team, listening to creative solutions, seeing the efforts offered and feeling the inspiration of each participant, the Parkinson’s hikers especially, as we undertake this challenge was inspiring.

It is always an amazing experience to witness and participate with others on a shared mission. The deeper this alignment towards a shared common vision extends the more opportunities show up for individual contributions towards this endeavor. This process ignites enthusiasm, energy and innovative thinking and is a satisfying sense of purpose. All of this is present with the passtopass team.

So as August 20th approaches each of us continue to refine what matters the most, what items to carry or leave, how to anticipate physical or other challenges and how to give, ask and receive support. On any meaningful exploration there are multiple opportunities for growth and progress. Securing a safe and successful hike for all is just one of them. Securing funding support for worthy organizations another. When one steps into life and lives it LARGE, then life can take on a whole new meaning.

Living LARGE with Parkinson’s support care-partner

Jo Ann (Jo) Fjellman


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