Day After

The hike team is shown above walking the Kendell Kat Walk and coming down Kendell ridge on the last day of our 9 day trip from Steven’s Pass to Snoqualmie pass.

The King 5 television story of our success was aired Sunday night and Monday, the 28th and 29th of August.

King 5 Report 8-28-2016
Click to watch

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  1. Lani Dodge says:

    Great job hikers! A worthy accomplishment. How were the views of peaks? How were the stars? Any flowers or interesting plants?


    1. kenkisch says:

      We were impressed with seeing Mt. Stuart the first day but things got better than that as we went along. The best for me was Summit Chief Mountain from the South end of Waptus Lake. No comment on the stars. We slept right through the star show. The flowers were pretty good despite being late in the season. They kept me busy learning and relearning them each day.


  2. After learning about this project from a piece on a local news station, we drove to Stevens Pass from Spokane to meet this amazing group of hikers as they headed off on their 72 mile journey. Their attitude and tenacity despite living with Parkinson’s Disease is truly inspiring. We had a chance to chat with Dave Jarnes and his wife Jeanne, both a delight. We followed the blog all week for updates. Scheduling conflicts prevented us from meeting them at Snoqualmie as we had hoped. Congratulations to everyone who pulled this project together and to the hikers for their accomplishment!
    ~ Brian & Carrie


  3. Vicki Jarnes says:

    I have eagerly looked forward to each new posting to see what is going on and how all are doing! I have felt connected to the team even though I wasn’t able to do the hike…this time! I appreciate the hard work of the photographers, communicators, post writers and especially the hikers who have gone all out to raise more awareness and funds for Parkinson’s research and a cure. God Bless you all! Keep on keepin’ on!


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