Bill and Nadean arrived at Bugaboos Lodge in British Columbia, flown in by helicopter mid-day and were soon taken in five groups to different locations. Our group explored a place called Rocky Point about 7400’ elevation that was just beautiful. We hiked along a ridge with 360 degree views into an upper basin with plenty of wildflowers and signs of goats. Our guides (Bob and Francisco) were extremely knowledgeable as they showed us every flower, shrub and animal sign. After a few hours of hiking, we were picked up by the helicopter and flown back to the lodge for a delicious dinner, hot tub with a view of Bugaboo Glacier and several peaks. We met our full group- 45 people with Parkinson’s or MS and their support hikers. The second day we were guided by Paul, a bear expert and encyclopedia of information including the geology of the Bugaboos. We flew to another ridge, landing on postage stamp, and we hiked to Nearly Dead Elk Lake and Dead Elk Lake where we had lunch. Then we were flown to Groovy Ridge where he hiked next to snow cornices.  On day three, we were up at 7 am, then breakfast and flew to a basin and hiked through glacial debris to Vowell Glacier. We went close to it until the rock became unstable. I was amazed at how much the glacier had receded since 1946 creating a lake at the foot of the glacier and lateral debris piles along the sides. The ice had been 80-100 feet deep and was now gone in just a few decades, much of the receding ice occurring in the last ten years. In the afternoon we flew over the glacier and up to more knife-like ridges with 360 degree views. Each day our hikes were between 7000-8400 elevation and almost all of it above tree line without trails. The views were phenomenal. The morning of day four, we flew from the lodge back to our cars with good memories, new friends, and lots of photos. I want to go back to the Bugaboos ( CMH Heli-skiing and Summer Adventures ) there is so much to explore.

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