The hikers started early at 7 am today. Yesterday’s trip was 8.88 miles with 1,967 feet up and also 1,403 down and they camped at 10,881 feet. Today will be the highest elevations of the trip at Forester’s Pass 13,200′.

Crossed the treeless Bighorn Plateau as a thunderstorm was rolling in. Raced to the tree line for cover. The crew didn’t get to swim in the lake on the Plateau.”

The night before they “saw 2 bucks and beautiful lightning on the mountains above their meadow.”

There are reports of bear problems in Vidette Meadows so the plan is to camp before the meadows.

Bill found his old John Muir Trail (JMT) guide book (c1959) and his notes from his 1975 hike were inside! So he is enjoying following the hike from new and old perspectives. Bill hiked over Forester’s Pass on June 23, 1975- good memories.

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