Our volunteer helpers hiking in from White Pass trailhead report they connected with the Trip 2 team: “All are fine and are camping at Deer Lake. They are hiking out early on Sunday …”

The Trip 2 team is expected to reach the White Pass trailhead late Sunday morning. They only have a few more miles to go.

Happy birthday!

Today is Trip 2 Parkinson’s hiker Betsy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Betsy!

Thanks, too, to Betsy’s friend Kit for telling us it’s her birthday and for donating to Pass to Pass in Betsy’s honor. Both are greatly appreciated.

Betsy has been advising the Pass to Pass board on website improvements (coming soon).

Board president Brian says: “I finally had a chance to meet Betsy face to face after many phone and Zoom calls. What a wonderful person!”

2021 photo of Deer Lake courtesy of Washington Trails Association.

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