As our Pass To Pass hike approaches, Patty Harrold, one of our team members living large with Parkinson’s, is really showing her commitment to the event.  Below she shares some of her recent trainers.

MOUNT SI – This mountain is always a humbler, but if you can do Mt. Si, you can do anything.  It’s mostly good for increasing your strength, stamina and confidence around a hard hike.

kak590021_5201CHELAN SHORE TRAIL – We hiked the Chelan Shore Trail from Prince Creek to Stehekin on May 12.  The hike was 17 miles. It was fun to ride the lady of the Lake and talk to fellow hikers.  In my pre-hike mind it seemed flat and easy, but it was actually quite a bit of up and down.  It was a gorgeous hike with the lake in view most of the time.  Lots of wild flowers were out including Balsam Root, Lupine, Lilies and Paint Brush. There was some fire damage from recent wildfires, but it was still beautiful. We camped at Meadow Creek, but the best camping spot was beyond the creek.  We camped another night at Moore Point with gorgeous lake water on the shoreline.  We spent a lazy afternoon at Moore Point, following the sun.  We then went on into Stehekin where we stayed for a night. The lodge was nice with good food and nice staff.  It can be difficult getting a place to stay for only one night but we had no problem.  You can rent a bike in Stehekin, or take a bus tour to the water fall, school house, orchard, and learn some history of Stehekin.   All in all it was a good hike and nice wildflowers not to mention the boat ride back.

kak560042_00132THUNDER CREEK – We did a 12 mile round trip hike in the North Cascades May 31 to McCallister Creek. This hike leaves out of Colonial Creek campground.  It is a hike in old growth trees along the raging Thunder Creek.  There was one water crossing that required shoes and poles.  While camping at McCallister Creek we saw deer, a garter snake, and a female harlequin duck surfing the creek.  The best camp site was just above the bridge crossing.  We did a day hike 1.3 miles to Tricouni camp as well. The trail beyond Mccallister Camp was littered with downed trees making hiking difficult, but a trail crew was on their way in for major clean up.  We saw very few people.

Patty Harrold

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