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See above for more pictures from the trailhead and on the trail, and read below for Sally Friedman’s account of part of the hike on Day 1:

It was a hot day and everyone was ready and excited to go.  TV person interviewed Dave and Karen on the trail, so that slowed them down a little, but even in the heat, all were hiking together.  I ran out of water at only 3 miles and I had 3 liters.  They were a mile to a lake, so I hope they jumped in, I would have.

People were greeting each other and saying hello to the horse people as they left about 9 am and the group left about 9:45 am after Bill said a few words and the group gave him a present.

I wish I was going with them, but left them before Lake Susan Jane as I felt they needed to get into their own rhythm and I needed to head back. A very skilled hiking group.  The reporter plans to leave at 5 am from Snoqualmie pass to meet them at the camp site and hike out with them.

Myself and a friend will get there and hike in till we meet them and then turn around.  What a gift they get to do this trip.  It is like a marathon.  72 mile marathon.  They were all meeting each other and getting to know each other when I left.  I am guessing they will know each other very well when they are back.

— Sally Friedman

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