Stehekin dinner and info on first day

Day 1 – After loading the llamas we started out hiking a gentle downhill trail. At the first creek crossing we had to lead the llamas through the creek while we led them from a big log over the stream. About a mile in we came to a large downed tree that was too large for the llamas to go over or under. We tried several things to get them around the end of the tree and finally coaxed them all around one at a time. We ate lunch at Fireweed camp and continued on to South Fork camp. We saw a black bear sow and cub eating choke cherries which were plentiful along the trail. We camped at South Fork stock camp which is located in large trees of Hemlock, fir and cedar near the creek.  One nice looking Hemlock was 5 feet across. We set up camp and Brian went and caught a few fish, catch and release. We cleaned clothes and body parts before going to bed for the night,
This picture is Monday night eating at Stehekin with friends joining us.

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