Trip 2 Day 4

When we last heard from the team, they had camp set up just before a storm came through which lasted about 30 minutes. Little did they know, that was only the beginning!

The rain continued, followed by thunder and lightning until 1:30 this morning when the wind kicked up.

Later this morning, however; they found themselves with bright blue skies and sunshine which helped to dry things out after a rough night.

Packed up and back on the trail mid morning, they stopped at Sheep Lake for another swim. It’s been said that when George says it’s time to swim, everyone swims!

The team may find themselves in another storm while camping at Walupt Creek tonight (PCT Mile 2269.2).

The forecast calls for a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms before 11 pm, then a slight chance of rain after 11 pm. The low temp is expected around 46 degrees with a west wind 5 to 8 mph.

Snow Lake, Trip 1
Snow Lake, photo credit Bill & Eric Meyer


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