Brian, PtP president and his wife, Carrie spent part of Saturday helping to load the gear truck. It was a puzzle to pack the equipment, supplies, sleeping pads, stools, shirts and hats for hikers, and more….. even alfalfa for a llama treat.

Bill and Nadean leave home Monday, July 11 and will be on the road to trailheads until August 22 to cover all but the California hike. Diane will be covering hike reports on the PtP BLOG and you can TRACK the HIKERS on the Garmin satellite starting with Trip 2 on July 18. Our FAQs for hikers and trip leaders gives a lot of information about our hikers’ experiences. Our many supporters can feel a bit of the adventure with our now 50 PD hikers and 43 support hikers in 2022 and look forward to seeing their amazing photos as they return which has been organized by Hiro. Thanks to everyone who makes PasstoPass happen.

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