The Trip 3 team departed from Chinook Pass trailhead today. Six hikers joined Bill in Packwood for dinner last night and the group got to the trailhead to sort gear before the llamas arrived. 

The Trip 3 team is hiking with llama wrangler Charley, who is new to Pass to Pass, and his five “gals”: Dot, Emma, Peggy, Kate, and Mary. 

Trip leader Brian reported stopping at Sheep Lake to cool off. This evening’s update: 

“Camped at Henskin after a HOT day. Chillin’ around the kitchen telling stories. Shower trailside helped beat the heat.” 

Collage of Trip 3 day 1 photos

Trip 8 update 

The Trip 8 team reports: 

“At camp! Reached Rosalie Lake, a 9-mile day. We hiked two directions: UP and DOWN. A lot. Everyone is strong, healthy, and in good spirits. We just finished swimming; a few rain drops. No mosquitoes yet tonight. A lot of flies. Dinner time.  

“We’ve seen a good share of wildlife: Frogs, snakes, deer, wildebeast, osprey, trout, snipe, mountain chickadee, barking spiders, chipmunks, and much more. Trail was busy – lots of people. We’re getting close to Agnew Meadows; that’s why.” 

(Did you catch Derek’s humor in the wildlife list?) 

The team had an internet connection for part of the day and sent photos.

Collage of Trip 8 day 3 photos

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