The Trip 4 team arrived at Snow Lake at 2:30 p.m. Trip leader Irene reported:

“We’ve all enjoyed a much-needed swim. It has been a hot day, even though we got up at 5 a.m. to beat the heat. It made it into the 90s by noon. Despite the heat, there are still a few patches of snow near the trail. A breeze is just picking up and we’re hoping it is the beginning of cooler weather. Keeping our fingers crossed that the projected 20 degree drop in temperature will happen before tomorrow’s ascent from Bumping River.”

Snow Lake photo from a 2020 hike

Trip 3 update

Trip leader Brian reported:

“Starting our morning leaving Piped Spring. On our way to Arch Rock Spring.”

And later:

“Made camp at Arch Rock Spring by 2 p.m. Hard, hot day but everyone did great!”

Arch Rock photo courtesy of Washington Trails Association

According to Washington Trails Association, Arch Rock Spring is less than a mile west of Arch Rock, “a rocky point on the ridge in the Norse Peak Wilderness Area.” Arch Rock Spring is “the only reliable source of water in late summer for many miles along the Pacific Crest Trail. … In late summer the huckleberries along the trail will be ripe and provide sustenance for humans and bears. Deer, elk, and black bear inhabit this area … [T]he spring sits in a moss-covered basin …”

Trip 8 update

Trip leader Derek reported:

“Drum roll: We passed the 50-mile mark today! Hike today was gorgeous. Easy day. We cranked out 6.6 miles and we’re currently sitting at 8,285 feet elevation. We pulled into camp at 11:30 a.m. and are set up below our 1,800-foot climb for tomorrow, when we’ll camp at Duck Lake. Camp is on a river tonight. We’re on a large rock slab, which means less bugs. It is buggy here.

“We passed a beautiful waterfall. Can’t wait to share pictures. The ladies of Pass to Pass have been modeling their rain skirts. Consensus is their photos will make a great spread for April in the Pass to Pass calendar.

“The rain this afternoon is like a Sierra sneeze: Quickly passes and just enough to jump in your tent.

“The team is still enjoying the trip. All are healthy and hiking strong.

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