Today they Trip 4 team waded across the Bumping River. Tonight’s campsite is a lovely meadow with plenty of grazing for the llamas and space for tents.

Trip leader Irene reported:

“At Crag Lake campsite. Delighted with cooler weather, a breeze, lots of wildflowers, and fewer mosquitoes.”

“Lots of good teamwork overcoming llama obstacles and crossing the Bumping River. We discovered the value of whistles.”

2020 photo of tents and llamas at the Crag Lake campsite. Did you know: The llamas are both a wild animal deterrent and alarm system.

Learn more about the Trip 4 team’s route from Washington Trails Association:

Trip 3 update

Trip leader Brian reported this morning:

“Gearing up for the hike to Government Meadows. The heat broke so it’ll be a lovely walk.”

And later:

“At Government Meadows before noon! A fantastic team and a wonderful hike today. Please bring beer for tomorrow!”

Learn more about this part of the Pacific Crest Trail from Washington Trails Association:

Trip 8 update

Trip leader Derek reported:

“Well, yesterday evening the heavens unleashed a fury of rain! Mary had a river running through her tent. Seth and Derek had a water bed tent with an inch of water between the ground tarp and the tent floor. The morning was very wet. We packed wet and headed up. We dried everything out and it began raining again. We’re eating dinner early in preparation for the rain to start again.

“Oh, and we saw a ghost! Hiro has the photo to prove it!”

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