The Trip 3 team wrapped up their adventure today as planned. Trip leader Brian reported this morning:

“Starting our last section from Government Meadows to the pickup point.”

And later:

“At horse camp with a warm welcome from Bill and Nadean! Successful and wonderful trip with great teamwork and even better people!”

Congratulations, Trip 3 team!

Trip 4 Update

Trip leader Irene reported:

“At Anderson Lake, enjoying a stiff breeze and bright sunshine after a day of spectacular views of Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier. We had an exciting moment when a llama decided an exposed slope was the perfect place for a dust bath and lost his balance. Luckily he recovered his footing!

“All are healthy and happy, with a few brave souls swimming in the lake. And, we found the tent the Trip 2 team left!”

Mt. Rainier photo from a 2019 hike.

Trip 8 Update

Trip leader Derek reported:

“Well, we did it! By 12:30 p.m. we did 11 miles to come off trail instead of splitting it and coming out tomorrow. Hiro set a blistering pace for us all and we hiked down in a tight group. Forecast was for a lot of rain today and tomorrow so we decided to come off early.

“We arrived in Red‘s Meadow at 12:30 p.m. and immediately caught the bus out of Devils Postpile National Monument. While on the drive out to get the cars at the starting trailhead, the heavens opened up and poured down bucket upon buckets.

“The clouds above Mammoth are gray and dark. But not to worry! Mary got us her friend’s house to use for the night so we’re shacked up at a beautiful home in Mammoth. We are almost all showered and cleaned. That means the house is starting to smell like normal. Dinner is next; maybe some games. We’ll have a lot of fun together on our final night.

“Everyone feels great, is doing fine, and is healthy.

Congratulations, Trip 8 team!

Collage of Trip 8 photos and their return to civilization.

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