The Trip 4 team hiked about 2.5 miles today and will spend their last night at the Dewey Lake campsite. Trip leader Irene reported:

“An easy hiking day with time to swim, wash up, and recharge devices before re-entering civilization tomorrow morning.

“Glorious beach lunch on the shores of Dewey Lake, surrounded by wildflowers. No mosquitoes!

“Wildlife sightings: Bald eagle, marmot, lots of frogs, hummingbird, camp robbers, chipmunk, pica, blue and orange butterflies, ground squirrel, robins, woodpeckers, dragon flies, ducks, mosquitoes, 20 different types of bees, some beetles, and a ladybug.

“As we were sitting at the beach, a crying 9-year-old who’d lost his mother and brothers came up to us asking for help. He had taken a wrong turn on the Naches Loop. He kept going downhill and found a lake instead of a parking lot. We used Inreach [Track the Hikers technology] to alert emergency services (EMS) and hiked him back up to the Chinook Pass trailhead [about 3 miles]. Once EMS heard from his mom, we were able to reassure both, and he was delightful company on the hike. He knew the names of every wildflower!”

Dewey Lake photo from a 2021 hike

Trip 8 highlights

The Trip 8 team came off the trail yesterday and is sharing more photos.

Collage of Trip 8 highlights

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