The Trip 4 team finished their hike as planned today. They unloaded at Chinook Pass trailhead and handed the community equipment over to the Trip 5 team, also led by trip leader Irene.

Congratulations, Trip 4 team! They have lots of stories and even some plans for next year in the works.

Trip leader Irene reports for the Trip 5 team:

“After a cold, rainy start and a walk through clouds, it cleared up enough to dry out our clothes and gear. Beautiful wildflowers everywhere. All are relieved to be out of the cold drizzle, and having fun getting to know each other.”

The Trip 5 team is hiking the reverse of the Trip 4 team’s route. They are going from Chinook Pass to White Pass.

Drizzle at Chinook Pass trailhead as the Trip 4 team expertly unloads and shows the Trip 5 team the ropes.

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