The Trip 5 team is dealing with complications caused by possible COVID-19 exposure and infection. All hikers are safe and stable.

Trip leader Irene reported:

“Woke up to steam billowing up from Dewey Lake, and llamas and grass covered in frost. When we got to Anderson Lake, one participant wasn’t feeling well. He headed back to Chinook Pass trailhead with two support hikers.”

The health and safety of our hikers is of paramount importance. The rest of the team has opted to do day hikes from Anderson Lake and make the Chinook Pass trailhead their ending point. This way they are only about 5 miles from a trailhead. That makes it easier to deal with any circumstances that may arise versus hiking further toward White Pass and having limited alternate exit points.

Since the start of the pandemic, Pass to Pass has put COVID-19 protocols in place.

From a base camp at Anderson Lake, the Trip 5 team will have a readily available water source and multiple options for exploring. They will still be able to enjoy camaraderie and the great outdoors.

Trail marker for Chinook Pass and White Pass. 2021 photo.

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