Trip 7 Day 4


The Trip 7 team got underway around 10:30 a.m. They reported before setting off:

“Got rained on a bit this morning. Current temperature about 60 degrees. All in good spirits.”

They arrived at their campsite around 2 p.m.:

“Beautiful wooded spot. Stream nearby. Wildflowers galore. 3.75 miles, 611 feet up, 740 feet down. Home for the next two nights.”

The Trip 7 itinerary includes a “layover day” for rest and exploration. Some of the team started their exploration by mid-afternoon with a 5-mile day hike to Goat Lake. They reported:

“Goat Lake is beautiful! Lots of ice still covering the lake. Six hikers did the day hike: Phil, Andi, Alex, Jerry, Dave Baumgart, and Eric. Saw three goats at the lake. Others relaxed in camp and kept the llamas company.

“Saw an eight-month old baby at Goat Lake. Parents said baby has been on seven camping trips, including four backpacking trips, since birth.

“Phil and Alex went swimming in Goat Lake, which is one-third covered by ice. Flower pictures were a special highlight for Jerry. Dave Baumgart is impressed that six of our hikers logged nearly 9 miles with significant ascent and descent on a very hot day.”

2021 hiker Jheri in Goat Lake

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  1. Rebecca Bassett says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing those beautiful flower pictures and hear the back story of Jerry’s new yoga position! Him having a great time with Paul and Lisa!!


    1. ddhsm1 says:

      Thanks for reading, Rebecca!


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