The Trip 7 team concluded their adventure today as planned.

They ended their hike at Berry Patch trailhead and enjoyed a lunch of cold, fresh, and salty foods before saying their goodbyes.

Congratulations, Trip 7 team!

With that, our 2022 Pass to Pass hikes are complete.

We express huge thanks to:

  • Each and every one of our donors for making these hikes possible.
  • Our Parkinson’s hikers for their willingness to challenge themselves.
  • Our support hikers for setting our Parkinson’s hikers up for success.
  • Our trip leaders and assistant trip leaders for all they do to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Our board members for their year-round commitment and guidance, and for the quick behind-the-scenes work they do when unexpected circumstances arise.

SPECIAL THANKS to our logistics coordinator extraordinaire Bill Meyer and his wife Nadean. Few people see the Pass to Pass gear truck schedule. For more than two months, Bill and Nadean have essentially been on the road meeting almost all our teams at their starting and ending trailheads. They ensure teams have the gear they need, including llama feed; community equipment gets transferred from one team to the next; and everybody starts and ends their adventure with something yummy to eat. I am sure Bill is already starting to plan next year’s hikes. Thanks for all you do!

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