Timing looks good

By checking the “track the hikers”  we can see the daily progress and even a message or two. It looks like they started hiking at 9 am and ended at 3:30 pm– that seems like a good pace that fits the plan. The weather remains beautiful and they should be at Stehekin trailhead by tomorrow.

Great start at Rainy Pass

The team met each team member in person and started to pack up the panniers for the llamas. Each person got to greet the llamas and then pack the resupplies to take to Stehekin. The weather was beautiful, temperature was great and we had 4 people to see the group off. Enjoy following their progress…

Llamas ready to go

  Bill and the 3 llamas are ready to go at the Pacific Crest Trail southbound trailhead at Rainy Pass. The rest of the group joins him tomorrow for an early start. The send- off is 8-9 am Sat. August 26 as they pack up the llamas and their backpacks and head south on the…

King5 Interview 8/20 by Jo Ann

Jo Ann, hiker during 2016 trip and great organizer and trail angel too, spent time Sunday, August 20 at the King5 TV studio in Seattle. Here is the link for her interview. Great job Jo Ann and thanks for your help and support.

Derek hiked in John Muir Wilderness with scouts

  Derek just finished a 14 mile 3 day trip with son’s Scout troop in the John Muir Wilderness at Cottonwood Lakes. Hike started at 10,000 ft and ascended to 11,000 ft. It was a great and gorgeous hike. Cottonwood Lakes is a series of 6 lakes home to a rare species of trout, Golden…