Trip 2 Day 6


Our volunteer helpers hiking in from White Pass trailhead report they connected with the Trip 2 team: “All are fine and are camping at Deer Lake. They are hiking out early on Sunday …”

The Trip 2 team is expected to reach the White Pass trailhead late Sunday morning. They only have a few more miles to go.

Happy birthday!

Today is Trip 2 Parkinson’s hiker Betsy’s birthday. Happy birthday, Betsy!

Thanks, too, to Betsy’s friend Kit for telling us it’s her birthday and for donating to Pass to Pass in Betsy’s honor. Both are greatly appreciated.

Betsy has been advising the Pass to Pass board on website improvements (coming soon).

Board president Brian says: “I finally had a chance to meet Betsy face to face after many phone and Zoom calls. What a wonderful person!”

2021 photo of Deer Lake courtesy of Washington Trails Association.

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  1. Tony says:

    Kudos to all on team 2 who not only adapted to the route change from Oregon to Washington but also adapted to the snow fields on the trail. We are sure there will be many stories told for years to come.


    1. ddhsm1 says:

      Agree! Thanks for supporting our hikers.


  2. Betsy Rich says:

    Llama Cedar was NOT on strike. She was very ill. Team 2 woke up and found Cedar lying on her side with glassy eyes. It was clear that something was very wrong with Cedar. We tried to give her water but she couldn’t lift her head on her own. We managed to pump activated charcoal and water down her throat. She looked brighter and tried to stand but crashed to the ground. We were devastated and feared that she might not survive. Lots of tears were shed. Team Leader Jerry stayed behind with Cedar as Team 2 continued our hike. We were already a day behind schedule. Jerry nursed Cedar all day and night alone in the woods. We were thrilled when both met up with us at our next camp. Cedar carried very little weight for the rest of the trip and looked strong when we said goodbye yesterday

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    1. ddhsm1 says:

      Thank you for providing more details!


  3. Paula Flanders says:

    Thanks so much for that update. I have been quite worried about her. Congratulations to all of you for overcoming such obstacles and successfully completing the trip.


    1. ddhsm1 says:

      Yes! Thank you for following our hikers.


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